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Winner’s Circle


This is your Winner’s Circle… your hard work and dedication has brought you to this point. Your trip-of-a-lifetime is only weeks away and our Innovative Incentives team is looking forward to making it the most rewarding and carefree trip you’ve ever taken.

winner's circle

Our Winner’s Circle is your one-stop for all the information you will need to prepare. First, you will need to fill out a Pre-trip Form, which can be found in the Form Library. This important form gives us all the information we need to secure your air reservations and land accommodations, as well as any special needs or requests you may have. If you have food allergies or frequent flyer miles, this is where you let us know.


Next, you may want to read up on your destination or print out an activity sign-up form.  A visit to our Form Library will provide you with all the documents and information you will need. You can print them our save them to your computer for use later.


We know that traveling to a new place (or even somewhere you’ve been before) may bring up questions about packing, weather, activities, and travel documents. We have anticipated some of your general questions and provided an informative frequently asked questions page: FAQ


We let you know what new passport regulations will affect you, offer packing advice, and information on your destination. While this feature may answer some of your general questions, we know you may have more specific questions as your trip approaches. Don’t worry. We’ve thought of everything. Approximately two weeks before your trip, you will receive a departure package from us with all the detailed information you will need. If you have any questions in the meantime, we are always available to answer them by phone or email.


After your trip, we publish the photos taken by your tour director during the trip. We provide this service so that you can enjoy more pictures of your vacation and perhaps get some shots of things you may have missed taking. These pictures are yours to use as you please compliments of Innovative Incentives, Inc.


See you soon,
The Innovative Incentives Team